Large Mediterranean Stencil (full repeat)


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Traditionally styled Mediterranean design
Large 1 sheet stencil

Create the look of a real tiled floor or wall with the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil which captures the stylish, simple geometric patterns of original ceramic Mediterranean tiles. Ideal for floors and walls in hallways, dining areas, bathrooms and conservatories. Beautiful in light airy greens and blues for a taste of Provence or in bold, sunny primary colours or rustic earthy tones for a classic Spanish or Portuguese look.

The Large Mediterranean Stencil is very useful if you are stencilling large areas. See size and layout specifications below and illustration of one complete repeat of this stencil, which covers an area of approximately 57cm (22 1/2″) by 57cm (22 1/2″). Stencil with our Stencil Roller – ideal for stencilling large areas more efficiently.


Above – top the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil is shown here stencilled onto a hall floor in Duck Egg, Chinoiserie,  Emerald Forest and Chocolat Stencil Paints – stencilled with our Stencil Roller – ideal for larger areas.

Above – the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil edged with the Mediterranean Border & Corner Stencil.

Above – the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil in Spanish style colours on a bathroom floor, stencilled in Very Berry, Harvest Gold and Atlantic Blue Stencil Paints. Shown edged with the border motif of the Mediterranean Border & Corner Stencil.

Above – the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil in warm earthy mixes of our Stencil Paints –  SiennaChocolat mixed with Raspberry Stencil Paints.

Above – shows one repeat of the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil in Vanilla Stencil Paint on a warm ochre background.

For stencilling smaller areas try our Mediterranean Floor Stencil (one quarter of this design, needs rotating to create full diamond pattern, just like a normal tile would work). Team with the matching Mediterranean Border and Corner Stencil for a total look.

The Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil has been used here by Homes & Gardens magazine to create a simple, graphic floor in slate greys on off-white. Image: © Homes & Gardens Magazine. Use Arctic Grey Stencil Paint to create this effect.

Stencilling large areas in single colours like this creates striking, yet unified room schemes. Image: © Homes & Gardens Magazine.

Above – shows one repeat of the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil in crisp Ice White Stencil Paint on a blue background.

Above – the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil in Eucalyptus Stencil Paint on a white background for a classic tile effect.

Product Specifications

One layer stencil measuring approximately 57cm (22 1/2″) by 57cm (22 1/2″).

This stencil is four rotated repeats of the Mediterranean Floor Stencil on one sheet, so makes stencilling areas a lot easier and faster.

Comes with easy to use repeat alignment registration dots in each corner of the stencil and full usage instructions.

Left – the layout of the Large Mediterranean Floor Stencil.