Toile Courting Couple Stencil


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One sheet pictorial stencil

The charming Toile Courting Couple Stencil with its country lady and gentleman out gaily courting, is one of a selection of individual Toile du Jouy Stencils available, taken from our popular large Toile du Jouy Countryside Toile Stencil. This single motif is ideal for random repeats, or for decorating with other individual toile motifs. This design looks beautiful stencilled onto both walls and fabric for drapes and other linens in classic blues and reds. See size and layout specifications below.


Above top and below – the Toile Courting Couple Stencil is used to decorate a keepsake box in Persian Blue Stencil Paint.

Above and below – the Toile Courting Couple Stencil is stencilled as a random repeat on a linen cushion cover in Cobalt Blue Fabric Paint.

Above – the two charming figures in the Toile Courting Couple Stencil are great for all manner of toile decorating schemes – with their Old English character stylization.

Above – close up of the Toile Courting Couple Stencil in Strawberry Red and Magenta Pink Fabric Paint on white linen curtains.

Above- Toile Courting Couple Stencil shown as it appears as part of the large Countryside Toile Stencil.

Product Specifications

Single layer motif stencil on 125 micron Mylar.

The courting couple motif measures up to 23cm (9″) wide by 15cm (6″) high.

Sheet size A4 60cm (23.5″) wide x 97cm (38″) tall.

Left – the layout of the Toile Courting Couple Stencil sheet.